Wednesday, October 21, 2009

maize craze

i have been making a LOT of corn husk dolls lately! i take my general instruction from those found in *a child's seasonal treasury*. love that book! this gal lives on our seasonal table.

this one i sent out as part of my seasons round exchange package.

then i just couldn't stop myself and i made this line up for a bits of goodness swap.

in the midst of my corn husk madness, i uncovered this gem at goodwill! imagine discarding such a beauty!! lucky, lucky me. she will be well loved here!
she is standing next to a crocheted pumpkin made by my seasons round partner's 12 year old daughter, hannah.

look at that bonnet! i am obviously not that advanced with this craft yet! ;)

we had to make some in class of course! we followed emily and mia's directions here. here they are adorning our shelf above the children's napkin rack.

and a close up of a few of them. you can also see the lovely autumn plate made by joy's sis, cecily. she made us one for each season. this one is my fave i think.

i also made one using this tutorial. no pics of it though. it was fun trying out a different style. i love how BIG it turned out!

okay, i did it! another post. now i will try with a little more regularity!


  1. Your handwork is absolutely beautiful!
    So much lovely inspiration here!
    Sweet corn husk dolls : )

  2. yay, another post. i love seeing pictures of your classroom. of course all of your sweet cornhusk dolls are great, but yes! that one from the thrift store is amazing, she is so beautiful!

  3. oh yeah, i forgot to answer you... we want to try some basket making with the cattail leaves, but another project we had in mind was dolls similar to the corn husk ones.

  4. those are amazing! (no pun intended!) heehee

  5. Love it! What says autumn like a corn husk doll with an acorn cap?

  6. so lucky am I! i received one of your beautiful dolls for the nature table swap! thank you so much. She is quite the treasure!


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