Saturday, April 10, 2010

chicken pox. round two. day one. sienna's got them now. she has a LOT of spots for day one. we'll see how this goes. matt and i both had them when we were six and had a pretty rough case of it. i am wonderfully optimistic that it could go much better for her. she was a trooper today.

it was a gorgeously sunny spring day. there was certainly no keeping her indoors. in an effort to encourage mellow, shade play, i helped her make some little hideaways under the forsythia bushes. her and her brother and her dearest babies picnicked there together.
*special baby* thought it a lovely spot for a nap.


  1. A lovely shady spot,the dolly' s must have loved it. cheers Marie

  2. what wonderful little spot! hope those pox are mellow and leave fast!

  3. Oh what a gorgeous spot Rae. That truly looks like it was made for childhood. Have a great weekend

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