Wednesday, June 9, 2010

here we go 'round the mulberry.....tree?

i spent my whole life singing the refrain *here we go round the mulberry bush*. it wasn't until we moved into this house three years ago that i learned it is really a tree. we are very fortunate to have a very large one in our backyard. every june, it showers us with mulberries, so sweetly divine.
they don't keep well so you won't find them in the grocery. the berries on our tree are a gorgeous deep purple when they are ripe and quite lengthy. the harvest doesn't last for long so we try to spend as much time under that tree collecting her fruit as we can.
this year we have made mulberry cobbler (gluten-free and delicious!), many a mulberry smoothie, and today i am making my first batch of freezer jam. this morning, sienna grabbed the berry basket and went out first thing to harvest enough for our smoothies. mostly though, we gather under the tree and munch.
the berries fall when ripe so it is a good idea to keep the grass cut short during this time.....or lay sheets (that you don't mind getting stained) out across the grass. the berries are so tasty that we have taken various measures to shake the limbs, begging them to release their sweet fruit for our delight. in that way, the mulberry tree also provides great entertainment! i was watching a friend's daughter yesterday. when my friend came to pick up her daughter after getting off work, she tasted her first mulberry ever. the ground had already been picked pretty clean by the kids so she scaled right up that tree high above our her beautiful dress and all! her daughter was very impressed and cheering for her the whole time. one fell right on jasper's head with a loud thump, staining his blond hair purple.

the berry stained lips, hands, and feet are so sweet, too! they do make the birds poop purple which some are not too keen on.
we love you mulberry tree!

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  1. we recently discovered mulberry tree at a park that we frequent...they are delicious! i plan on planting a few on our land this fall (or next spring).

    hooray for mulberries! and lucky you with a bucket full! ;)

  2. You are so cute, a mulberry tree would make me very happy too. Did you have to put lots of sugar in your freezer jam? Have you made it before with any other berry?
    I couldn't comment on your giveaway, doesn't seem to fair. So neat all the treasures you have received, you deserve all kinds of love!
    Thanks for the fun late night phone call!

  3. No! (I had to come back and read what I wrote...) Sorry, I meant I wasn't commenting cause I shouldn't, I'm blessed by so much from you already! Don't enter me! xoxox

  4. Those mulberries are so delicious! We have them here in Miami too, and I LOVE them. That is funny about the song calling it a bush when it's really a tree. hmmm.

  5. Thank you for sharing about this - I learned something new today. How wonderful to have them.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. goodness they look wonderful, yum x

  7. Oh we had a Mulberry tree at out Home in Canberra (capital of Oz) Yum. Many a friend fed their silk worms from the leaves on our tree... which reminds me i have a bag of cocoons around here somewhere!
    And did you know that to get mulberry stains out of clothing you rub teh stain with the unripe fruit of an apple or pear?

  8. I was amazed at how many mulberry's you had in the container your daughter is holding. I wish we had mulberry trees here. I can't even find them in stores.


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