Saturday, September 4, 2010

dandy back to school

we returned to school this past week. what a week it was! we have a vibrant and energetic group this year!

there has been a bit of shifting in the program. one more area of my life where i am learning to *let go*. when joy and i co-founded dandelion hill last year, we shared responsibilities 50/50. we had a partnership in the business and we were co-teachers in the classroom.

when she decided to leave dandy, i was not up for finding another person to fill that same role. i opted to take on the role of director, handling all of the administrative tasks and to hire a lead teacher. having young children of my own, i have energy for only so much else and i did not feel that i could take on both at this time. rather than hire an assistant as i had once planned, i decided to remain in the classroom as the assistant myself.
enter ms jessica. she is a delightful young lady and i am thrilled to have her leading the classroom! she has such enthusiasm and passion and has brought with her an inspiring energy that we needed. she does not have children of her own (yet) and i find that to be a bonus honestly. it can be exhausting to work with children this age when you are with this age group 24 hours a day (ask me how i know).

part of our original mission for dandy was to have a place for teachers to grow. providing continuing education funds is a priority for us as well as giving teachers (like ourselves), working toward their waldorf certification, an environment to continue their work in. i am excited for jessica as this is an excellent opportunity for her growth as a teacher.

it has been interesting to step back from classroom management and let her take the reigns. especially considering that this program is one of my babies. i am able to do this because i feel completely confident in her abilities. we are adjusting. learning our new roles (she was previously an assistant herself). it is an interesting relationship in that i am both director and classroom assistant and we are but a two woman operation.
this sandbox was a new addition to our classroom this year. jessica acquired the stumps for us and split them. matt and another dandy dad dug them in and unloaded a truckload of sand (thanks matt and doug!!). it has been a tremendous hit!! all summer i have been collecting *toys* for the sandbox from various yard sales and thrift stores. they are all metal and consist of enamel cups, vintage funnels, mesh strainers, slotted spoons, various buckets and containers, and shovels.
i love to see them engaged in play here. this is but the first step in bringing some more natural elements to our outdoor space. much more to come!
jessica has such a sweet and tender way with the children. we are all blessed to have her and i am so excited about the upcoming year!i was actually there, too, making silly faces apparently! ;)

joy and i see each other regularly as she is now teaching at sienna's new school and our daughter's are in the same class. interestingly enough, she became an assistant this year, too.

speaking of sienna's school, in case you are wondering, we have not made any firm decision yet. i am leaning toward keeping her in first though still not feeling 100%. this is one of those parenting decisions that feels like you can never be sure of the answer. you just have to make a leap with what you think will be the best for your child and hope it works out favorably. i'm pretty sure those kind of tough decisions we parents continue to face aren't ever going to stop, are they? ;)

here's to new beginnings, embracing change, and learning to let go!

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