Wednesday, March 23, 2011

daffodil root children

The sun is now shining,
Thy sky blue and clear,
The birds are all calling,
And so Spring is here.
The children are ready,
And up, up they go ~
All the beauty they've made
They are longing to show.

~Sybille von Olfers, The Story of the Root Children
for the peg doll swap i made these little root/flower children. their root garments are made from a wool scarf i bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago. i remember that the woman was so happy that someone was going to love her deceased mother's scarf. little did she know that i was going to intentionally shrink it and cut into many, many pieces! i have used this wool felt in many projects, mostly autumnal given the warm, mottled earth tones. i like to think she would delight in knowing the creations that have come forth from the destruction of said scarf and the many people who now enjoy those treasures in their homes around the globe.
these little sweeties have daffodil dresses to don for their spring emergence and a variety of little nut caps. their little flower dresses fasten on right over their root bodies.
some of them have snaps and some have small round velcro tabs. it is so fun to dress them! sienna enjoyed switching their outfits around before they started out on their journeys. three of them have hopefully landed by now here in the states. two of them are en route to australia.
i only had one of these special little caps so it went to our lovely hostess, ms bloom herself. i sure hope the cap survived as the little tips of the *curls* do like to snap off.
this swap was so fun!! i have said that before, haven't i?
more pics here.


  1. These are SO so wonderful! I love them. I'm noticing you don't have an etsy shop but....would you be interested in a custom order? Thanks!

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