Sunday, November 22, 2009

swap love

celebrating handmade swap
since entering the beautiful and inspiring crafty world i discovered on the web about a year ago, one of the things that i have enjoyed so much is joining swaps. i have been in many swaps in the last year. the first of which may have been (can't remember which came first honestly) the handmade mushroom swap. right about the same time i joined the celebrating handmade swap. since then i have joined a yahoo group that is dedicated to waldorf craft swaps! it's called bits of goodness. see pics here and join us here. i have participated in several swaps there and hostessed one, too!

handmade mushroom swap
another highlight of my swapping goodness has been the seasons round exchange (pics here). i participated in the autumn exchange (harvest) and am now working on the winter one (light). the sign ups for the spring exchange (awakening) are jan 1, but be forewarned....the winter swap filled all 100 slots in less than 24 hours!!

bits of goodness....gnome swap

bits of goodness....easter swap
some of the swaps (mushroom, most of the bits of goodness swaps) require that you make 5 of something and send them to the hostess, she mixes all the swap goodies up and sends you back 5 different handmade items. some of the swaps (celebrating handmade, seasons round) pair you up with a partner and you trade one on one.
seasons round exchange...harvest
i *met* sweet valerie during the mushroom swap at the beginning of the year. she may be the swapping queen!! she is in more swaps at one time than i could possibly keep up with! ;) she also hostesses many a swap. i have enjoyed keeping in touch with valerie and she has been a great help with my new blog venture. when i saw she was having an *enchanted ornament swap*, i had to join! all my favorite subjects were included.....gnomes, hedgehogs, acorns, mushrooms, deer, etc.

she paired us up with a partner and we were to make one ornament and one edible treat. there is a twist this time....this is a secret swap! so, i can only post snippets of what i made as it is en route to my partner right now! this is the first time that i have actually worried about my partner liking what i made for them. i would have to say we have very different styles. i will post an update when she receives it (and i receive my goodies!). by the way, we are not swapping with one another, we all send to a different person than we receive from.
given my recent beeswax obsession, i just had to make these ornaments when i saw them at gardenmama and homemade serenity. they are so fun to make!! they are absolutely radiant in the sunshine! i can't wait to get more molds and make some more designs!
i included this one in my swap package.

please tell me that as i get used to posting and blogger this will go quicker! i can't believe the time it takes me to put this together!! ;)

see you real soon!

p.s. i LOVE your comments! i feel so loved when i see that i have a new one. thanks to you all for stopping by my tiny space. ;)


  1. Beautiful! I can't imagine where you find the time to make such beautiful t things and share them so generously. It's all I can do to accomplish a TINY percentage of my crafting wishes. I loooove the gnomes and those adorably inquisitive felted sheep!

  2. How fun Rae! I have never even heard of these craft swaps...but what a great way to give and receive! I love the gnomes too...and the package of goodies that you put together looks awesome!
    love from sara

  3. Oh my goodness! Rae! I can't believe that you were worried about of I would like your adorable beeswax snowflake and FABULOUS gnome! I adore them! So very very well made, so cute! I am so happto and honored to put them on my tree! I am so lucky that you sent your creations including the delish fudge and chocolates to ME! THANK YOU THANK YOU!~~~XXOO, Beth


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