Monday, November 9, 2009

in recovery

just a quick post to let anyone that might actually be reading this blog know that we are all on the mend here. sienna was with fever for 7 straight days! she has now been fever free for 4 and is finally acting like herself again, though eating non-stop! i swear it is taking so long to catch up around here. many, many things fall by the wayside when you are nursing a little one back to health around the clock.

halloween day her fever spiked to 103. we sent dad and brother off to the parade without us. jasper won first prize in the baby category (he was the only entry! it was rainy and many stayed home this year.), and third place overall, bringing home a slew of prizes including 50 bucks! he also made his first newspaper appearance in a photo with dad much like the one above.

this costume is one that i made for sienna when she was 2. it is one of the first things that i ever sewed. it is actually one of martha's *no sew* costumes, but i wanted it to have wings and shoe covers. having absolutely no idea what i was doing, i broke out my sewing machine and made it happen! it was exhilarating and i have been creating ever since!

here is sienna in the costume three years ago:

yes, those are sponges! and cupcake liners for the scales. so fun to make and even more fun to wear. the tail swagger is the cutest ever!

i leave you with mother nature's own creepy crafting. be back soon!


  1. glad everyone is better and congrats on the wim!

  2. Glad you are all on the mend :) That costume is wonderful!


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