Tuesday, February 23, 2010

interview and giveaway on *the artful parent*

we are fortunate enough to live in the same little town as the talented and lovely jean of the inspiring blog *the artful parent*. jean recently visited our classroom on *painting day*, witnessing the beauty that is wet-on-wet watercolor painting. she has posted an interview with my co-teacher and i on her blog. there is also an opportunity to win a copy of *simplicity parenting*. head over and check it out here!
also, since so many of you have grown to love her, too, i thought i'd mention that the *renee* referenced in the interview is the beautiful mama over at heirloom seasons. love you, girl!


  1. Loved the interview. It was fun getting a glimpse into your classroom.

  2. you are too sweet. jason and i were cracking up over nancy renee :)
    lots of love xoxox


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