Sunday, February 28, 2010

one small change II

due to computer difficulties at the beginning of the month, i have not exactly kept up with my posting about our *one small change* commitments. so, here's the update...

for january we pledged to cut out our use of plastic baggies in the kitchen, particularly in lunches. at the beginning of the month, i hid the box of baggies that we had hanging around. on a very lucky score, i found laptop lunches at a store downtown for half off! picked up one for jasper, now they both have one. lunch packing has been greatly simplified. i do not love plastic at all, but have grown to love these lunchboxes. the kids really enjoy their little compartments and they eat all sorts of things when they are presented this way that they would not be keen to otherwise. i also scored a roly poly sandwich bag at our local consignment/ awesome toy and organic children's clothing store. i am waiting for more snack bags to come in....i guess the awesome mama who makes these just had a baby and hasn't gotten any into the shop recently....imagine that! ;)

on to february (yes, i realize this is the last hour of said month!)...matt and i decided on a couple of small changes to make in our routines. first, we are working harder to be conscious of our electricity use. with two kids in the house and the flow from room to room, it is easy to leave lights on and wander away or leave the heat turned up in a room that we aren't using at the time (the playroom and the *computer room* have baseboard heat). so, we are holding one another accountable for being aware of this wastage. this is also an exercise in kindness. ;) gentle reminders are appreciated. this is one the kids have really enjoyed being in on, too.

the other effort is to reduce our trips to the grocery stores. we have an awesome discount grocery that i visit regularly and then i stagger going to the natural foods store about every other week (when the farmers market opens again that is in the flow, too). with my somewhat hectic schedule, it has been easy to fall into a place of going to the store irregularly and picking up a few things here and there. i am hopeful (but have not yet mastered) to get back into a rhythm of meal planning. making a comprehensive list of foods needed to prepare those meals for the week and sticking to that trip.

i pride myself on trying not to take my children into the consumer market more than necessary. sometimes i can't escape bringing them along to the craft store, but other than that they really only experience the grocery store with me. though they usually enjoy the venture, i am happy to schedule my trips at a time when daddy can hang with the kiddos and mom can enjoy that luxurious (enter sarcasm) alone time. reducing my children's outings to the store is not particularly related to helping the planet, but is an added plus to planning my trips!

so, tomorrow is march! wow. i am ready. my first born came to this earth in february so i do cherish this month. however, march holds such excitement and anticipation for the new life ahead! it is exhilarating to think we are so close to spring!! i will be back soon to reveal our march *one small change*. we are going a little bigger this time.

by the way, two more giveaways to point you to! first, two mamas that i adore, nicole of gardenmama is having a giveaway on her blog. she is offering up a delightful assortment of toys made by the talented hands of linda. you can find the giveaway here.

the other one is at 60piggies. she is giving away a custom made softie doll. her dolls are absolutely adorable and if you win, you get to design your own! find it here.

much love til next time!

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  1. Hi Rae,
    I just got a bunch of roly poly bags at Green life. I love those, too. The *one small change* project is inspiring! I need to make some bulk shopping baggies. Perfect project for a snowy day!



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