Monday, August 2, 2010


what a birthday weekend it was. a little too heavy on the stress side. there is much to be done for the upcoming school year and my plate is more than full at the moment. one sick baby with a fever all weekend and now the other one seems to be joining her.

however, happy moments were to be found and savored. i attended my dear friend's daughter's moon ceremony to welcome her on her path to womanhood. it was truly lovely and i think any girl would be blessed to have this challenging time marked with such beauty and encouragement. i came home to a warm welcome. my mom had arrived from alabama and my family had a little party awaiting me. we donned leis and feasted on my favorite birthday delight, flourless chocolate torte. yummmmm. i have previously declared i will be more than happy to have one of these to mark each year. thank you, matt, for indulging me!
my mom is a huge, huge help and has come to my rescue. we weren't planning to have sick babies, but she has been able to help me with so much still. she makes for a wonderful birthday present. she and my sister also surprised me with a dehydrator! can't wait to give it a work out.
hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

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