Tuesday, August 10, 2010

today at the farm

jasper was spared the farm today. he doesn't do well in the heat so he doesn't enjoy his time there as much as sienna and i. ms joy wanted her daughter, anna mae, to get a taste of farm life so we traded kids for the day. i wish i had snapped a picture of the fancy sandals she sported, but nonetheless, she dug right in and worked her fair share!
we were assigned the blueberry patch. poor souls, i know! the gals easily picked a gallon each. these bushes are dripping with blueberry goodness. we didn't even make a dent in the ripe berries in the two hours we spent there.
when they tired of picking, they played blueberry princesses under the shade of the arching limbs. how divine to merely reach an arm's length from your throne and have a feast of ripe delicious blueberries!
we then retreated to the shade of the barn. anna mae and sienna assembled and lined up the 37 csa boxes on their own. i weighed and bagged pontiac potatoes, they added in garlic bulbs and put a bag in each of the boxes. then we washed the chard, both red and rainbow. we all enjoyed shaking the water off onto one another for a nice cool down! they then placed the bunches one in each box.
sienna has been wanting to go out there on a tuesday so that our efforts would be going into our very own box. we pick up our csa box on wednesdays at the tailgate market so today's boxes will be delivered there tomorrow. the potatoes, garlic, chard, and blueberries we will find inside they helped to harvest, clean, or pack up! there will be more surprises added to the boxes throughout the day as the interns continue their labor in this hot, hot august sun.

i bought the girls a pint of blueberries each. after all, you can't pick blueberries all morning and come home empty handed! tonight we will read one of our most favorite books, peter in blueberry land. i adore elsa beskow. we have the mini edition of this one and usually take it with us when we venture out blueberry picking to enjoy whilst resting in the shade between basket fillings.

if you love this book as much as we do, you must see my dear friend chris' (mamaroots) rendition of the blueberry king!

some more csa love:

eat real good is a meal planner based on your csa box. this website allows you to enter in the contents of your box (or your cupboard) and then gives you recipes that you can make with those items. it is a database that is open for the public to add recipes to as well. this was made by a local mom and i have enjoyed exploring it. i like that you can customize it to your dietary needs, ie. gluten-free, etc.

this list at fake plastic fish was compiled by the berkeley farmer's market. it has loads of ways to keep your produce fresh without resorting to plastic. love that!

have you been to a farm lately?

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