Sunday, October 3, 2010

forest festival day

the kids and i ventured out to the cradle of forestry in pisgah national forest this weekend for *forest festival day*. the cradle of forestry is the site of america's first school of forestry and showcases what forest conservation looked like over a century ago.
sienna helped this over-sized gnome cut down this tree using a crosscut saw while brother supervised.
the gnome said this was one of the most stubborn trees he had come across and tried to use his brute strength to topple it. ;)at last! t.....i.....m.....b.....e.....r!they had a chance to climb aboard this old engine and even give the bell a ring!
sienna's first grade class spent last week making fairy houses. this made quite an impact on her and she was spotting these fairy holes all over the place. she would see a perfect spot and just stop right there on the trail and start decorating it for them!
she did not fell this tree herself. ;) she did enjoy getting to see underneath this giant though. they have also had a block of study on trees at school so this was a nice extension. there is a tree nursery here and we got to see lots of little saplings being tended. we had a lot of fun identifying trees by their leaves, bark, and their nuts or pods as we wandered the trails.
together we tackled this log to slice off our own tree cookie.
the look of intense concentration on her face was priceless. she worked so hard for that cookie!
they then burned the cradle of forestry stamp into it for her.jasper took advantage of learning opportunities, too. ;)there were many artisans and craftsmen there doing demonstrations. when sienna learned that there was a corn husk doll maker, she insisted we seek her out. i was impressed by this nativity scene.
here's the gal i really wanted though. i only had a few dollars in my pocket being as we were in the forest and all, and i let sienna choose a doll (this woman's prices were ridiculously low!). i was proud for her that she stuck to her guns and got the one that she wanted....which was not the one mommy wanted. notice there is no picture of the one she did choose..... ;)there was a kids craft table with supplies for leaf rubbing. i love that she immediately turned her rubbing into a leaf fairy!the wash area was a favorite. minus the wringer, we have this same set up at dandelion hill for washing our napkins, so both of my kids are familiar with scrubbing laundry. they dove right in! the wringer brought a whole new aspect to the chore. pictured here is another dad helping sienna out. when it was jasper's turn, sienna and i turned the handle together and jasper (carefully) fed the pants into the rollers. it took all three of us to wring a pair of pants out!
it was a magical day in the forest with my sweethearts. i regret that i chose to do it solo (dad was working) though as it was a LOT of walking with all the events and displays being spread out amongst miles of mountain trails. they were paved trails yes, but jasper refused to walk for much of it meaning mom did a lot of carrying. the little bugger is protesting being carried in his carrier these days which makes his load a lot heavier. by the time we called it a day, we were all completely exhausted, but enchanted!

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