Tuesday, October 5, 2010

making fall friends

inspired by all of our nature finds, we grabbed some of our wooden pegs, the overflowing basket of felt scraps, and the glue gun. sienna created an autumn mermaid. ;)
i made these two. the taller one is a wooden clothespin. i started this one last year and left him half finished in a box of autumn things. it was so gratifying to bring him to life after all this time! the guinea feathers were not found on our adventures, but in my craft supply. this is jasper's. he cut the felt and wrapped it around the peg just the way he wanted it and i glued it for him. he had his sister draw the black face on. he is obsessed with black! apparently, this guy does not like to have his picture taken as i can not get his face in focus no matter how hard i try. could be my naughty camera's fault, i suppose.then we abandoned the wooden forms and the felt and started gluing the nature bits together. this one is sienna's. she has a wild side, this one. this is mine. he is more on the reserved side, as you can see. and here is jasper's. he chose the tiniest acorn cap he could find and had me glue it in just this spot. it is a ladybug crawling to the end of his stick. ;)

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