Wednesday, March 24, 2010

egg monsters

last week i took a lot of pictures to share my wips (works in progress) with you.....and that never happened. so, this week i will just share a little project i have just finished up and will be starting another round of in the next couple of days.
last year i made a big batch of wet felted eggs pictured above. my mom came to visit for spring break and we retreated to a dear friend's cabin in the north georgia mountains for a few days. i carried my eggs with me and when it came a blizzard outside as we perched high on the mountainside i snuggled up on the couch and absorbed myself in blanket stitching the openings of these eggs. as i stitched each one, i couldn't help but think of them as cavernous mouths on little egg heads wishing they could look back at me as i stitched them up. after returning home, my dear friend lorilee posted the creations that her sweet sons came up with when doing the same project. i fell in love!
flash forward one year. i was making up a batch of these eggs for an easter swap at bits of goodness. i spent some time blending together these lovely shades of spring to make a nice marbling effect (still visible in the openings above). when i pulled them out of the dryer (yes, it's true!), they were just too thin. so, more layers had to be added. instead of taking the time to do the lovely marbling again, i just wrapped some single colors around the outside hoping that my previous work would show through. no such luck! this time they came out nice and thick, but just so, well...plain. that would never do! i began stitching the openings and was struck by their mouth qualities yet again. i remembered lorilee's post and ran to get my roving and needlefelting needles. within minutes these little creatures were born. we have all fallen in love with them here. the kids had so much fun watching each one come to life. jasper fell in love with one that has a big orange spike coming out of his head...i have yet to get a good picture of it as it has been so well loved. sienna made her usual egg with blue stitching and blue hair and blue eyes, please (also no picture as it disappeared immediately).
other than the two we kept, the rest went to the swap. i will be making up some more for our own easter celebration. if you would like to make some too, you should start with nicole's tutorial in this season's edition of *rhythm of the home* here....but grab a cup of something good before you head over because the spring edition of this online mag is chocked full of great projects and inspiring articles!

i will tell you that when i mass produce these babies, i cheat and use the washing machine. put them in an old pair of stockings and tie each one off like sausages. you can put them in the dryer, too. the kids LOVE peeling back the stockings to reveal the felted eggs!
each one of these little guys has his own personality!
after your eggs are felted, you just need some roving and some needle felting needles. i used some curly rainbow locks that i had on hand (originally purchased here), but you could use any roving you have. i just used some wool yarn for this little guy below which was pretty fun, too.

hope my swap partners and their kiddos enjoy them as much as we did! ;)

picture of our sweet bunny kitty for hillary. ;) spring cleaning the living room included giving him his own little perch lined with a felted sweater that he had already claimed.


  1. Dear Rae,
    These eggs are just beautiful, I think I will have to make some for Easter:) Thanks for sharing:)

  2. How cute! You are so creative and talented Rae! xo

  3. Oh my goodness. I think your kitty and my bunny are related! Thank you!!! So sweet!
    I love the egg monsters too. What creativity!

  4. ha- this monster loving mama loves these!!

  5. Oh my goodness these are sooooo cute!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing them with me!

  6. egg monsters....grrr, me WANT!

    Kitty is ADORABLE!


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