Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wip wednesdays...a bit of this and a bit of that

sweet blue bird by zuzu's petals.
evil black spot that lives inside my camera mentioned previously.
small crafty projects happening here amongst the larger projects of finishing our taxes (less than fun) and working out programming and enrollment for our class next year.
i have been knitting linda's nests. this is my first project on circular needles. i am having some difficulties, i must say! primarily with my decreases. how on earth is that supposed to work on circular needles? the bottom of my nest has holes and is very uneven. thank god for felting! this one has been felted already. i threw it in the machine with my towel load. the first time around, it came out wavy and bumpy. i didn't like that so i tucked a tennis ball inside of it and put the whole thing inside a mesh laundry bag, cinched it down, and washed it again. now i love it! it is a bit *floppy* but it holds it's shape nicely when sitting on a table. the nest pictured on the left in the top picture has yet to be can't look too closely at that one! anyone (linda) have any tips for a novice?here is the tooth pillow sienna requested, her own design. she has very specific tastes! i have to sew the two tooth pieces together still. this project is on *hold*. she told me her tooth would not fall out until i finished, so i am going slowly. ;) i really never thought that two weeks after she turned six her second tooth would be falling out already!
sweet emily hosted our handwork group sunday and treated us to an incredible egg dying spread! she taught me how to do pysanky and here is my first attempt....don't laugh! i have still not gone back and gotten all the wax off, but it is mostly finished. can't wait to do more of these! it is a time intensive project, but meditative and so enjoyable. see more of our lovely afternoon at emily's post here.
well, march sure came in like a lion!! more snow here in the south. wowsers. we had a snow day today and this squirrel kept us entertained. when we collect acorns and chestnuts in the fall, sienna stashes some for her squirrel friend to have in the winter months. he knows right where to find them when she divvies them out. today he came right out, snowstorm and all, to have a snack.
he was having such fun in the snow! he bounded back and forth across this banister, snow all over his little nose. we even saw him eat some of the powdery goodness! he would twist and jump and grab onto the railings side ways. such a character! this is right outside our sliding glass door. who needs tv?!
matt took the kids out to play. they had a blast, of course. sienna came to the door with these treasures she wished to bring inside:
i laid a towel out inside the door. her and her brother put their wool socks on their hands and proceeded to lick and munch the ice and snow away!

it has been wonderful having such an unusually snowy winter here this year. however, i am okay now with this being our last snowstorm of the season! march, you got your roar in loud and clear, now let's make room for the lamb.

by the way, i have switched my comments to a new program, intense debate. i have had people tell me that they have had trouble commenting here and i wish to be able to respond to your comments more easily. try it out so i can see how it goes! thanks. ;)

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  1. Hello Dear Rae:)
    Your nests look lovely!
    I have added a You Tube video link on the Magic Loop I used to knit the Easter Eggs. It is an awesome technique and shows you how to knit on circulars when you only have a few stitches:) It will also work well for the nests too. I love the photos of the squirrel:)


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