Monday, March 22, 2010

spring goodies

sometimes all it takes to make a celebration special is a tablecloth and a lovely centerpiece.

beloved treasures from many of my favorite artists and friends came out of their box this weekend. these beauties bring such joy to our days and a smile to our faces. we have had an interesting first few days of spring.....sat was a gorgeous, sunny day and the last two days have been cold and dreary. we have had snow and slush off and on all day today! ick. i am all finished with that for now, mother nature. thank you very much for understanding.


  1. Dear Rae:)
    Thank you so much for leaving such wonderful comments! Your Spring display looks beautiful! I can see Philip is so happy with your family, so loved:) Have a wonderful week dear Rae:)

  2. Happy Spring days to you and your family Rae : )
    Your table of art is so cheery and beautiful!

  3. Happy springtime dear friend! So much prettiness. I love the little Eostre picture!
    I am missing you too much now... xoxo

  4. Happy Happy Springtime! What a beautiful space that you have created. Enjoy these first few weeks of the new season


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