Tuesday, December 7, 2010

handmade holidays: children's edition

the children have been hard at work on christmas preparations here. sienna has always been my little crafty sidekick. at her age now, she is really diving into making gifts for everyone this year. it is so endearing to watch her work. we are enjoying some snow days at home and are in christmas crafting overdrive! here is some of what they have been working on.
we made festive felted acorn ornaments. we started by painting the caps with glitter. we did have some glitter paint about, but we also used craft glitter. my favorite new trick is to mix the glitter into glue (we used our new clementine natural glue) and paint it on. practically mess free glitter fun!
one of the very best tools we have at school or home is this hand drill. i highly recommend it for your children and you! children absolutely love turning the handle and i have used it several times for projects of my own. one of the ways we use it is to make holes in our acorn caps for stringing.here are some of our completed ornaments. we used red and white baker's twine to string them. the children did almost all of this project on their own. they painted the caps, drilled the holes, wet felted the balls, and sienna tied knots in the twine. i threaded the twine through the hole in the cap. i also operated the glue gun and as they fit the ball with the *right* cap, i glued them in.
this is my favorite one. i found these giant caps (still not sure what tree they are from. do you know?) and squealed with delight! they are a bit crumbly but i still love the way they look. our felted balls have some sparkly nylon fibers mixed in but the sparkles don't show well on camera.
sienna has been hard at work on several presents for her brother. this is a puzzle blank from *bare books*. she drew an enchanted family with an elf father and little brother and a fairy mother and big sister.
she used her watercolor pencils. she likes to dip them in water and then draw with them. it pilled the paper a bit but i can see why she enjoys using them that way. she then has the control of a pencil, but the color flows from the tip like paint. it was a pretty captivating color experience!
here is a sneak peek of another completed project of hers. this one she made for a grandparent who might read this blog. she painted on canvas and then used her stitches to accentuate the outline. i was fascinated by this project and wanted to give stitching on canvas a try. i loved the way it turned out but she seems to be content having done it just once. ;) i may experiment with this method myself in the future.

being that we have now had two days home for snow, they have completed a few more projects, including our christmas cards. i will do a follow post soon. what are your children making?

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