Saturday, December 11, 2010

handmade holidays: children's edition, part II

more goodies from the children. we planted paper whites a couple of weeks ago. we used various christmas glassware that i had collected from thrift stores. lone glasses that had once belonged to a set but had since been cast away. all were priced between 25 and 50 cents a piece. we planted them in pea pebbles. i purchased a very large bag of it at the hardware store for $4.
we did not start them early enough for them to be blooming when we gift them. however, this way the recipient will get to enjoy a bit of the anticipation of the bloom as well. the children love to monitor the growth and changes of these stalks and their roots daily.
this year i will try the alcohol trick that i picked up from liv at 54 stitches. last year, ours were so tall they kept toppling over. it will be interesting to see if the alcohol really prevents that from happening. another sneak peek. another of sienna's canvases for another grandparent. this one was with watercolor pencils. jasper has been busy painting canvas, too. ;)
and the best for last. sienna made these balls for jasper. they look like they are still balls of loose yarn in the photo, but they are actually quite firmly felted together. she started with the littlest scraps of my wool yarns that i had been collecting. she balled those up firmly and then wrapped some longer lengths around it to secure it. we felted these in the washing machine.
the pastel one is a gorgeous handspun from dear jen at syrendell. sienna had been coveting that yarn for some time and was thrilled that i let her use it for this project!

i love how these turned out. jasper is somewhat ball crazy so they will be just perfect for him. we are planning to make some more for another little friend, too.

this weekend we are working on wrapping up a few of the unfinished projects still hanging about. dad brought home a tree tonight so we will hopefully decorate that soon. i have been completely occupied with preparations for tomorrow's advent spiral. now it looks like it may get snowed out!!! that would break my heart more than a little bit and it may be the only way our tree gets decorated tomorrow!

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