Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the shortest day

sometimes when you are absent from blogland it can be tough to jump back in. what started with a technical difficulty (note to self: surge protectors only protect through so many surges!) grew into extended silence in this space. i thought i might do a jumble post to *catch up* so to speak. however, i decided instead to take this special day to log back in and wish you a wonderful solstice!
we were so looking forward to the lunar eclipse last night. everyone was prepared to arise in the middle of the night to get a glimpse of the magic in the heavens. mother nature had other plans though and by the middle of the night our skies were too cloudy to view the moon. the overcast mood persists today so our sun prints will have to wait until the sun visits us once again.
so we are nestled inside awaiting the longest night of the year. yesterday we dried and strung orange slices to hang on our tree in honor of the sun. we have done this for several years but this year we added cinnamon sticks to our ornaments after being inspired by linda. i love that they represent warmth as well as add another delicious scent to our home.
this afternoon, we will leave our lights off and allow the darkness to slowly overtake us. we will light candles as needed rather than flipping a switch as usual. we will enjoy a candlelight meal together, another sun pavlova (with secret holiday topping!), and then have our family gift exchange.
the new header photo deserves a little mention. on the left is sienna's st lucia crown she made at school. next is a beeswax candle that jasper rolled in class nestled in a moss garden adorned with crystals that ms jessica made for each child to take home with them over the holidays. we light our candles nightly and think of our classmates as a way to stay connected over the long break. that stunningly beautiful glowing orb is a beeswax lantern made by one of my students, bryce. i just love that he made it for me and feel the love that he put into it. his mom has become quite the beeswax lantern pro and i will be back soon with a little update to my tutorial full of her words of wisdom.

wishing you a warm and light filled night,

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