Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the costumes

given the speed that my life is running at currently, i am not going to attempt a thorough halloween post. suffice it to say that there were a lot of festivities over four days! a halloween celebration at my school thursday, one at sienna's on friday, a huge festival at her school saturday, followed by our annual walk in the dog parade (no, we don't own a dog but this is our fifth year walking in a halloween parade with a slew of them dressed in outrageous costumes!). halloween morning we went to a birthday party and a wee bit of trick or treating to our neighbors houses that night.
at home we made an altar for those that have passed back over the rainbow bridge and decorated sugar skulls.
sienna saw a picture of a butterfly costume in an old volume of childcraft (make and do) ages ago and knew that was exactly what she wanted. she did insist her body be black (like a real butterfly's) not blue like the one pictured but wanted the wings the same.
matt and i made these wings together the night before. (yes, i said she picked her costume ages ago and we saved making the key element until the night before. that's just where i'm at right now!) i wish i had done the middle felt piece differently. it was a structural element and i modeled it after the pair of wings we deconstructed to salvage the frame. matt pointed out that we should have made it part of the design by mimicking the lines we painted. good idea.jasper was a crow.i took elements from a couple of different martha stewart costumes and came up with this. the body is a leotard with feather boas safety pinned to it. he is obsessed with black so he was pretty happy. he insisted that none of the ticklish feathers touch his skin though. daddy was his scarecrow when we went out halloween night.
this was my next favorite costume spotting. ;)
how cool are these burlap scarecrows? i love them!!

***a big thank you for all the comments on the giveaway post! wowsers. i had no idea my little fairy would generate such excitement. ;) you can still enter once a day until tomorrow night.***

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