Wednesday, November 17, 2010

craft school

i have had the great fortune to spend a bit of time at sienna's school crafting with the children there. a few dear friends and i offered a nature craft class after school for four sessions. this was a mixed age class of grades one through three. i don't have pictures of all the projects that we made, but here are a few of them.
first up we made these gorgeous tree weavings as found here. such a beautiful and approachable project for all!
one week we made fairy looms. we laid out many types of interesting foliage for weaving into their y-sticks.
the variety and creativity the children expressed with this project was delightful!
we also dyed silks with plant dyes. something i have little experience with but enjoyed oh so much. from left to right above: black walnut, blueberries, poke berries, onion skins, and turmeric. so gorgeous and the kids were absolutely delighted!
i happened to be in the classroom when ms rachel and the first graders were stringing these peppers (they were green then). the beautiful colors they have changed into blend right in with the autumnal scenery around them. a beautiful sight indeed!i assisted the executive director in a really cool project that she brought to the first graders. we made sorghum brooms from the tassels of the sorghum plants that she grew on her farm. i loved every minute of this project and the brooms are so darn practical, too. they work really well!sienna wanted to demonstrate just how well it performs.
this week, i went to class to make corn husk dolls with them. both of these projects tie in with their appalachia unit (as in the appalachian mountains that we live in). on friday, we will gather in their classroom for our appalachian feast. the students will then share all of their work that is on display. so looking forward to it!

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