Sunday, November 7, 2010

found art

pumpkin carving happened on halloween afternoon this year. it was so sunny and warm matt and the children worked on their pumpkin together on the back porch. matt laid cardboard down to contain the mess and they used a marker to draw the face on.when i went out later to clean the mess up, i found this sweet fairy on the cardboard. when i came upon this scene in the playroom i was taken aback. she must have worked on this for an hour. every little thing is placed exactly so. the most played with *toys* in our playroom are seen here. they are: 1) our treasures from nature. these include buckeyes, acorn caps, sweet gum balls, beechnut hulls, etc. 2) silks. this is one that i had from long ago. 3) little people of all sorts, mostly wooden or felt.
there are so many little figures here! many that she made hersekf, at least one that i have made, a fisher price guy from my childhood, a couple of playmobile figures, several random wooden figures from different games or other toys, an alkelda doll, her wild child, a corn husk doll, a mamakopp gnome, princess nimble thimble mermaids, a very old baby doll that our old neighbor george gifted to her many years ago, and so many more!

i love where her richly developed imagination takes her. i sat alone in front of this scene just taking it all in. there was surely a story and a progression as to how they each ended up in those specific spots. today she set up a whole scene and told us a story. it was so inspiring! perhaps i will share a little of that tomorrow.

thank you to all that have signed up for the handmade exchange! i am excited at the talented group that is forming and can not wait to see what you all come up with. there is still time to sign up if you want to join us!

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