Friday, November 26, 2010

thankful for our angels

specifically jasper's own angels that work overtime keeping this little guy safe. he has given me several real scares in the past month. they say that it comes in threes, so i am hoping that we are all done!

1. at the halloween carnival at sienna's school, my children enjoyed a jump in the bounce house. enjoyed, that is, until the darn thing collapsed right on top of my three year old!! seriously. sienna had just exited but jasper was still in there bouncing away when suddenly it lost power and instantly it deflated right on his head.

this sent me into survival mode. it felt like i was in a war zone or something. i crawled into the huge deflated pile of vinyl that had sandwiched my son inside. as i crawled in, i peeled apart the two layers that were the ceiling and the floor and tried to follow the sounds of his muffled screams. i quickly found him and pulled him to safety. i have never heard him scream in terror like that.

he recovered rather promptly and then my trauma set in. ;) it took me some time to settle after that.

2. a few weeks ago, jasper and i were in a car accident. thankfully, we are both fine. we were traveling on *the big road* (as my kids call it, otherwise known as the expressway), but had just slowed down as we split off to go in another direction when a woman decided she needed to change lanes immediately....right into the side of my car, which happened to be jasper's side.

as i looked up, i see this car scraping down the side of our car, passing right by my sweet child's head, just outside his window. so traumatic for this mama! this trauma took a little longer for us both to recover from.

it is just so frightening to think of the risks we are taking when we get into our car (practically) every day. yes, there are inherent risks in most everything that we do, but this experience brought back for me a serious car accident that i was in as a teenager and am so blessed to have survived. i have also lost a friend and had two friends lose their moms in car accidents, so the dangers are very real and close to heart for me.

3. i am so grateful to our sweet friends for opening their home to us on thanksgiving. we were planning to go to my mom's house but then the starter went out on my car and we are now spending our travel money to have it fixed.

so, last night the children are playing with their friends and everyone is having such fun. then jasper opens the door to the basement and falls right down the steep staircase, landing on the concrete floor below! be still my heart. once again, a short time of mild shock and then he is bounding about again with nothing more than a few minor abrasions to show for it.

i am thankful for the gifts and the many life lessons that our children bring to us. though these moments have been terrifying for us, it has helped to keep me present and grounded. it also helps to put all the other seemingly frivolous worries into perspective.

i'll be holding them both a little tighter today!

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